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Tim Powers : Originally from St. John's, Newfoundland, Tim began his career in Ottawa in 1991 as an assistant and advisor to the Honourable John C. Crosbie, then Minister of Fisheries and Oceans – “It was a great opportunity to leave the province to work for the province. With that job I got home often.”
Tim Powers and Sheila Martin, wife of former Prime Minister Paul Martin.

Over his career, Tim has participated extensively in many aspects of the Canadian political process. He has served as an advisor to a national party leader and federal cabinet ministers, was an aboriginal affairs negotiator for the federal government, acted as a private consultant to groups involved in the Voisey's Bay development, been an academic research fellow, and written extensively on the Innu of Davis Inlet, Labrador.

With such extensive political experience, Tim was a natural fit for Summa Communications. Summa is principally a government relations consulting firm. They provide advice to companies, not-for-profits, etc. on how to work with governments at the federal and provincial levels –“We help people lobby governments…We also run a communications company that provides public and media relations services.”

Currently, Tim Powers is Vice-President of Summa Communications. As Vice President, Tim offers clients a wide range of experience and expertise in the fields of business, communications, and public policy. Last year Tim became an owner of the company – “My duties range from business development to the day to day management of clients. It is fun work because the diversity of projects we work on range from wedding dresses to new military helicopters. Brassieres to bazookas if you will.”

Not surprisingly, Tim has an impressive pedigree. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland, a Master of Arts degree (Atlantic Canada Studies) from St. Mary's University, and a Master of Sciences degree (Media and Communications) from the London School of Economics. Tim has also studied Public Sector Management at Harvard University.
Currently, Tim serves as a lecturer in the Faculty of Communications at the University of Ottawa. He is also a media commentator, appearing frequently on ROB TV, CTV and CTV News Net, and has a regular Friday segment on CTV's Mike Duffy Live program called "He Said. She Said." If that wasn’t enough, Tim also writes a monthly column for The Hill Times newspaper with well-known commentator Warren Kinsella. Tim comments that “The media is a natural outlet for Newfoundlanders - as we are never short of opinions.”

Tim is an avid runner having completed 5 half marathons. He has also formed an “old geezers” touch rugby group that plays in the summer. Tim claims that when he gets free time, he likes to pursue “Things that aren't political - I get enough of that in my job….a bunch have us have started an old geezers touch rugby group that plays during the summer. Pat Parfrey's voice echoes in my head.”

Tim keeps up to date with what’s going on in NL through local websites and by keeping in touch with friends and family back home - “Honestly, I call home everyday. I read the Telegram and VOCM websites daily.”

Despite a hectic life in Ottawa, Tim gets back to Newfoundland frequently - “I am lucky. Business and family see me get back to St. John's about 9 to 10 times a year. …My parents still live in the city as well as many relatives and friends.”

Like many Newfoundlanders abroad, Tim claims that he longs to return home someday. Until then, he keeps close to his roots with his Newfoundland friends in Ottawa - “At some point, like all Newfoundlanders, I'd like to return home. Even to this day I get home sick. Fortunately, I have lots of Newfoundland friends in Ottawa.”