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Newfoundlander Abroad Tana Adams catches up with actress Natasha Henstridge in Fort McMurray.

Natasha Henstridge was recently in Fort McMurray visiting her Newfoundland family. The 26 year old model turned actress, who was born in Springdale, Newfoundland, was enjoying a break from a couple of upcoming films.

She welcomed a two-and--half week change of scenery in her parents' (Brian and Helen Henstridge) RV with her nanny and two year old son Tristan. Natasha's brother Shane as well as several aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews also live in Fort McMurray. She gets together with her family quite a bit, twice already this year, according to her mother Helen. She had her grandson for two weeks while Natasha was finishing up filming in Toronto and Montreal.

Natasha, pregnant with her second child, joked that although this one was a surprise, being pregnant is the only break she gets from her busy schedule, which allows her to be off for three months and catch up with her friends. Natasha and partner Liam Waite are looking at buying property in Heart's Delight, Newfoundland, for summer retreats.

Best know for her roles in Species and Species 2, Whole Nine Yards, Bounce and Maximum Risk with Jean-Claude Van Damme, she said it will be nice to spend her summer breaks in one place. She wants to expose her children to the place of her roots.

Two films she's currently wrapping up are Ghosts of Mars, a John Carpenter film, and Show Time, a challenging role in the Judith Exner Story. Releasing this fall, it's a biography piece based on the John F. Kennedy era, where Chicago mobsters lure her behind the scenes into the White House.

In between her flights to South Africa and Vancouver, which she said can be difficult, husband Liam has been off to Mexico for a TNT production, King of Texas. She said Liam is doing well, having done six or seven films

Looking forward to going back to her house in Sherman Oaks, California so her son can play with the dog, Natasha plans to return in late August and to follow through on her quest for a Newfoundland resort.

Having moved from Newfoundland to Alberta when she was only four, Natasha admits part of her love for the Rock comes from the zest her dad has for returning to his Triton connection. She said he loves it there and is planning to retire in Newfoundland. Her mother's parents Lulu and Tom Head, are also in Green Bay at South Brook.

Previously a part owner of Avatar Construction, Brian Henstridge is currently managing CBS Construction, the company he went with after Syncrude. Having arrived in 1979, wife Helen said they took one year off and spent six months in L.A. with their daughter. They also spent three months in Newfoundland last summer.

She said it's not at all as you'd expect - going out to parties. Natasha is content to stay at home. She's experiencing and enjoying her life as a mother.

Natasha's mother reflected on how her daughter started modeling at 15. She mentioned how she felt embarrassed at the drug store when Natasha was six and pointed to a glamour magazine, saying how she wanted to be on the cover some day.

By 13, she was tired of hearing "I want to be a model, Mom" and took the initiative to enroll her for a summer tryout at the John Casablanca Centre in Edmonton. Her mother said it was their intention to allow her the experience, but exhibited caution after she scored well in her first Look of the Year contest, followed by an invitation to participate in another.

Photos sent to New York of the winner and Natasha as first runner up resulted in her winning an international contest in Paris, and everything took off from there. She landed some contracts modeling for six years and doing commercials for Oil of Olay and Lady Stetson when her agent decided to send her out for movie auditions

While her parents were skeptical about her move to Europe, they gave her their blessing after pleading with her and realizing she was adamant that it was a chance in a lifetime. She was determined to do it "with or without us" Helen said.

They remember how comfortable she was and the belief she had in herself. "It was mind-boggling at first. She was so young." For her, the anxiety and excitement is beginning to wear off a bit, her mother admitted.

As for Natasha, if she could offer any advice to young girls pursuing modeling, although she has traveled and learned a lot, she regrets not having an educational foundation. She said not everyone makes it, so remember that education and a diploma is reality. "Never put all your eggs in one basket," said Natasha.

Catch Natasha in the upcoming film Ghosts of Mars, in theaters AUGUST 24,2001.

Courtesy of Tana Adams and the Fort McMurray Today