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Noelle Hall, whose roots come from Woody Point, Bonne Bay, has just released her second children’s book. Emily & the Captain: A Winter Adventure is a follow up to the best seller, Emily & the Captain: A Woody Point Story.

Noelle’s mother, Georgia Kathleen Noel, was born and raised in Woody Point, Bonne Bay, which lies on the western shores of Newfoundland. Her father, Albert H. Chason was an U.S. Marine, who shortly after World War II, was transferred from the Pacific to Newfoundland. There he met and married Georgia. Noelle and her sisters lived and attended school in Stafford, Virginia, but most summers were spent in Woody Point. As a teenager, Noelle’s love for Newfoundland became very strong. This led her to later attend Memorial University.

Noelle’s books pay homage to this wondrous breathtaking place called Woody Point, which lies within the realms of Gros Morne Park. . “Everywhere I look I am surrounded by the beautiful blue bay and the hills that come down to meet it. I still never tire of this spectacular scenery. I have hiked many of these trails numerous times, yet I still find something new to behold. You never know what is waiting around a bend. And I have been graced more than once at night while sitting out by the lighthouse to have the privilege of northern lights dance around me.”

Emily & the Captain A Woody Point Story is a fairy tale about a sea captain cursed to live his life as a lighthouse and the girl who befriends him. The real Woody Point lighthouse, which stands guard over the bay, has been a constant figure in Noelle’s life. A first time visitor to Woody Point once commented that the lighthouse was like a friend to her. “That statement is what made me start to ponder the idea about a lighthouse with human qualities. I prefer the term, “a lighthouse with a soul”, stated Noelle, during a CBC interview. The book is filled with characters that pertain to Newfoundland such as a good fairy named Glow-ria who is a northern light. There are moose, caribou, bear, trout and an eagle involved in the story.

Noelle’s second book was launched in Newfoundland on July 6th of this year. It will launch in the states in October.

Emily & the Captain: A Winter Adventure promises to be even more exciting. It will have more interaction with the animals that are briefly met in the first book. There are a little lost fox; moose and bear tobogganing; a dancing snowman and lots of winter fun.

As a member of the Virginia Reading in Education Association and the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators, Noelle is an avid promoter of literacy and spends as much time as possible touring in areas of Canada and the United States, visiting schools and raising funds for libraries. Her book talks are not only fun but also are very informative. Children in the states learn some geography, history and culture pertaining to Newfoundland. The children get to see a video of the northern lights. There are caribou and moose antlers to be seen. She even gives a demonstration on cod jigging! Her talks have been very highly praised by young and old.

Noelle was honored with giving a presentation at the Virginia Book Festival, which took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, March 20-24, 2002. Talk about a great way to promote literacy. They have authors giving presentations for four days. She also gave a presentation at the Children’s Museum in Portsmouth, Virginia. She will be presenting her work at the Book Expo in Toronto in 2003.

Noelle resides in Spotsylvania, Virginia, with her husband Greg and their two dogs. However, during the summers you can usually find her at her house in Woody Point. She also spends some of the summer giving several presentations at libraries and for Parks Canada at one of their interpretation sites. One winter she went around to various out port libraries helping them to raise funds, and get the children involved in reading programs. There are plans for her to tour some schools again in the future.

Noelle’s publisher, ESP PRESS, is located in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland. This leaves the promoting and marketing of the book in the United States mainly to her. Noelle says this is a lot of work but is a worthwhile endeavor. They are constantly getting new locations where the book is available. They are now working with a major book retailer in Virginia, which should expand to other states. They also are in the process of setting up signings with a major book retailer in the Toronto Area. Ordering on line is also available by emailing halfnewfie@aol.com or visiting the web page, www.esppress.com.

“So your friends are going a away this summer. They may be going to Walt Disney World, Pike’s Peak, and Grand Canyons. Perhaps they are going to Europe or taking a cruise to the Caribbean. That is nice for them. BUT are you aware of all the places you can go and not even leave your hometown?

You could go sailing on the high seas or dive to the ocean floor on a submarine. Perhaps you will soar in a bi-plane or a hot air balloon while performing daring rescues. You may get to ride a camel across the desert or sit in the antlers of a moose as you travel through the North Country.

And the people you could meet! You could ride with Paul Revere; be there as Alexandra Graham Bell makes his first telephone call, you may even help Marconi as he attempts his first trans atlantic wireless. Perhaps you will have tea with Catherine the Great, Dolly Madison or Eleanor Roosevelt. You may even get to discuss politics with Abe Lincoln or Steven Douglas. And no doubt you will chase the bad guys with Wyatt Erp and the Texas Rangers.

And how do you do all this without leaving your hometown? It is simple; just go to your local library. The adventures are limitless. Devour one book after the other and then if you still hunger for more, take pen in hand and write your own story. I did.”

The above was part of a speech Noelle gave to students at a school festival to promote literacy.

So watch for these delightful stories that will either give you and your children a little insight into one of Canada’s best-kept secrets, or it will refresh your memory of growing up in an out port.

If you are in the Brampton, Ontario area you can meet Noelel at CHAPTERS on Saturday Sept 14th and at INDIGO on the 15th.