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A native of St. John’s raised on homemade bread and dark wit, TV producer Deanne Foley got a mouthful of education in Newfoundland and Ireland before heading off around the world. After searching for the BIG ANSWERS and over-extending her credit limit, Deanne decided to move back to Canada to make films and made Halifax, Nova Scotia her home.

Deanne is currently a producer for a new TV program called ZeD on CBC. ZeD delivers whip-smart, daring adventures in film, music and beyond to a late-night and online audience. Host Sharon Lewis navigates the weird, wonderful waters of brave new media each weeknight, coast-to-coast-for-most at 11:25 PM, right after The National. They also light it up online, 24/7-style, at www.zed.cbc.ca.

ZeD’s mandate is to showcase emerging and established talent in Canada throughout the week on CBC. Deanne is one of five correspondents across the country and is thrilled to be covering the Rock. Deanne will be based in St. John’s for several months scouting local talent to showcase on ZeD. Upcoming segments include profiles on Sheilagh O’Leary, who’s passion is black-and-white photography of nudes in Newfoundland landscape, and Andy Jones currently performing in his one man show “To the Wall.” Deanne is keeping her ear to the ground in Newfoundland to help us all stay informed of the great talent back home.

Before joining ZeD as the Newfoundland Correspondent, Deanne has worked as a field producer for CBC’s Street Cents. This past summer, she was the guest director on the newly launched W Network’s flagship comedy show, Guy & A Girl. Next year, Deanne will be directing and writing her first one-hour documentary – Hearts Apart – on long distance relationships around the world for Global and IFC. Deanne is still looking for couples who are in long distance relationships, particularly those with one person overseas, so if you are interested in being in the documentary you can contact Deanne at deannefoley@hotmail.com.

Marking her directorial debut in 2001, Foley’s award-winning film Trombone Trouble has screened at several film festivals across the country, garnered interest from Fox Searchlight Lab for emerging cinematic voices, and has aired on CBC and The Comedy Network.

Deanne also works independently under The Syndicate Productions Inc. – a tour-de-force collective of four – and is currently developing comedy and dramatic TV series (www.thesyndicateonline.com). From her work as an independent producer and director, she was selected for the Banff Television Festival’s CTV Fellowship Program 2002.

In development, Deanne is writing her first feature, Girl Wonder and hopes to finish it before the next Canadian election.

Most importantly, Wonder Woman is Deanne’s favorite action hero because she believes every woman should have a lasso of truth.

Good luck Foley!