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Owner, Certified Pilates Instructor, Movement Educator.

Mindful movement has long been fundamental to Claire—who began dancing at the age of three in St. John’s, NF, where she was born and raised. After graduation, Claire continued to dance while she studied psychology, anatomy and growth and development at Memorial University. Following that, Claire enrolled in the Dance Teacher Training Program with Judy Knee. It was during this time that Claire began to discover how movement can not only be artistic, but also therapeutic. Claire worked closely with physical therapists at the Children's Rehabilitation Centre where she helped design and teach a therapeutic dance program for children with physical disabilities, the first of its kind in the province.

Claire has over twenty years of dance training and ten years experience as an educator in a number of dance and movement techniques including Modern dance-creative movement, contact improvisation, tap, jazz, ballet, ballroom and Latin American. She received her Professional Dance training at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre where she performed in pieces by several talented and renowned Canadian choreographers—including Christopher House and Conrad Alexandrowicz. It was while studying here that she discovered Pilates. Immediately she was intrigued as studying Pilates helped her to understand the mechanics of movement.

Claire has also taught at many of the top Toronto wellness/fitness centres and Dance Studios. She is known for providing a “personal touch” to all her classes and for tailoring them to her students’ needs. She is constantly studying and investigating the many new movement techniques in order to challenge her students and further expand her own knowledge. She is excited that there is always more to learn!

Claire is a now full-time Certified Pilates Instructor whose repertoire includes Matwork, the Reformer, the Cadillac and the Stability Ball. She is also a successful entrepreneur, with her own popular studio, Mindful Movement Pilates, in downtown Toronto. At her studio, Claire specializes in both private and small group classes and takes great pleasure in sharing her discoveries and extensive knowledge of movement with others.

In September 2004 Claire was asked to be the Trusted Advisor for Pilates with Indigo Books and Music. She advises Indigo on their Pilates-related products and reviews all the latest books, videos and DVD’s. As of March 2005, her contributions will also be highlighted in store. Look for Claire next time you are at any of the Chapters and Indigo stores across Canada.

“I have taken many Pilates classes around the globe and the most enjoyable classes I have taken have been with you. You take the time to get to know your clients and you also let us get to know you. You have instilled a love of Pilates that has made me recommend it to many, many people. The instructor is what makes a class what it is and you are outstanding!”

Claire with Cindy Crawford, who praised the benefits of Pilates at an event for Kellogs/Stott. Claire with Cindy Crawford, who praised the benefits of Pilates at an event for Kellogs/Stott.

“Claire is a gifted teacher. She is patient, gentle, encouraging, skilled, warm and creative. She has taught me so much about my body and my physical abilities. I did not enjoy nor was I good at athletics. I was very uncomfortable in my body and felt anxious doing exercise. I always thought I was weak. After Claire encouraged me to try different exercises and told me that she knew I could do it, I learned that I could. I have never injured myself and I have been with Claire for three years now. She is thorough and pays attention to detail. She spends time explaining things you don't understand and comes up with creative images and instructions to teach exercises.”

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