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Jellybean Row - A Little Piece of Home

Finally, a souvenir of home that looks great, is tastefully presented and priced within everyone's reach. Introducing Jellybean Row, a collector series of décor pieces that showcase the colourful and distinctive heritage homes of downtown St. John's, Newfoundland.

The series of 10 original images are printed on acid free paper using light fast inks, then laminated and plaque mounted, ready for easy hanging. You can hang one as an accent, or collect several and create your own Jellybean Row.

The product is available in two sizes: small (4.5" X 8") and large (9" by 16"). They are affordably priced at $24.95 and $59.95 per piece, and are available for secure online ordering at www.jellybeanrow.com

Jellybean Row has been available in St. John's since August of 2006, and is available at most fine gift and souvenir shops in that city. Now, for the first time, the product is available for purchase online, at www.jellybeanrow.com

"While the product has been popular here, with tourists and local collectors, I think our largest single market is 'Newfoundlanders away' who long for a unique piece of home," said Geoff Meeker of Jellybean Row (shown here, with some of his 'babies'). "For these people, Jellybean Row is a collectible decorator piece, a conversation piece and a statement of where they are from."

The original series of 10 images have been reissued for Christmas. "We've added snow, lights, decorations and a subtle dusk light that brings out the warm glow of an old-fashioned Christmas at home," Geoff said. "Homeowners can collect original and Christmas images to match and, when the holiday season rolls around, simply replace one with the other. It's elegant and unique, yet brilliant in its simplicity."

The small size is ideal for smaller rooms, hallways or to bring life to patches of unused wall space. When three or more are hung together, the large size makes a great centerpiece, next to framed art prints, above the mantle or on a diagonal going up the staircase.

The Christmas series (in the large size) is particularly striking when displayed under directional or track lighting. The windows light up as if powered by batteries, creating a truly magical effect.

And there's one nifty little detail that is fast becoming a 'cult favorite' in the local market. "When you place the green, white and pink houses side by side, in that order, they create the effect of the tri-colour Newfoundland flag. It's a subtle yet powerful way to express your love of Newfoundland."

Meeker added, however, that Jellybean Row will be of interest to anyone who would like to inject some colour, character and tradition into any contemporary interior design scheme.

"The timeless beauty of these classic Victorian homes, along with their bright colours and exquisite detail, have an appeal that is universal to everyone," he said.

To find out more, click here www.jellybeanrow.com or email your inquiries to feedback@jellybeanrow.com

A beautiful gift for yourself or family and friends. Christmas will be here soon!