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New Boutique Offers Latest in Specialty Products for Moms, Infants and Toddlers
Newfoundland entrepreneur and new mom, Michelle Lester, is pleased to announce the opening of her new retail store, "Coo Chi Coo".

Michelle's idea for the store came about while she was anticipating the birth of her first child, Maxwell in 2005. While reading the current parenting magazines, and watching the latest parenting shows, she noticed that many new specialty and high quality products, which these magazines and shows featured, were not available in Newfoundland. Michelle realized that a niche needed to be filled for a retail store that offered customers a selection of unique, original items for the new mom and young child.

"A friend visiting us from away was using a Zooper stroller," said Michelle. "I was amazed at the great features it had. The seat could go forward or rear facing. It had a pivoting front wheel, which made it so easy to maneuver around, and the seat had four positions; from completely flat to a straight seat, so it could be used from infancy to 50lbs. I hadn't seen anything like it when I was shopping for my stroller. I had to buy one. So, I ordered one from Ontario and I love it. And I could repeat this story another 10 times with another 10 different items."

Michelle pointed out that people were always asking her where she had bought her stroller, her baby's tether, and her diaper bag. She added "I was amazed at how many other parents were frustrated with the limited buying options in the city. I thought this is crazy; the only places new parents have to shop are big box department stores." Michelle said to her mom one day, "Why aren't there any baby boutiques here? And her reply was, "Sure, you could open one up with all the stuff you have bought!"

The idea of "Coo Chi Coo, A Unique Retail Store for Mom, Infant & Toddler" was conceived. After a long labor of love, the doors are now open and all the great new products only seen in magazines and on television are finally available in St. John's!

Coo Chi Coo is located at 655 Topsail Road, St. John's Newfoundland. You'll find the coolest items including sleep sacs for baby, baby slings, fancy diaper bags, top of the line nursing bras, strollers, and the list goes on.

As a Newfoundlander/Labradorian abroad, you may have friends or family in the St. John's area expecting a baby. Rather than sending a gift from abroad, consider giving Coo Chi Coo a call on their toll free line 1-877-747-9595 or email info@coochicoo to discuss potential gift ideas, place an order and arrange for delivery of your gift.

For additional info, please visit www.coochicoo.net