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About the Author - Charles Shave
Author Charles Shave is a former CBC news editor, broadcaster and public relations officer with the British Columbia Government. He was also a former managing editor of the Alberni Valley Times, Port Alberni, B.C. and a former editor of Christian Info (a tabloid) in Victoria, B.C. He was born and raised in Newfoundland, has traveled to 36 countries, and for the past 10 years he and his wife Valerie have been teaching English in Universities throughout Communist China.

About the Book - "Newfie Priest"
This book is dedicated to 'Newfie's Adrift' all over the world.

When the Rev. John David Farrell, BA.,LTh., parish priest of St. Mathias Anglican Church on Gull Island answered a knock at the front door of the rectory, he was surprised to see Rector's Warden, Eber Nathan Chase, and Eli Simms, People's Warden, asking to meet with him privately. A cold sweat ran down his back as he sensed it wasn't exactly to be a social call. John politely invited them into his office, closed the door and asked Eber Nathan "What seems to be the problem?" At the same time he silently thanked God his wife Nora was downtown shopping with a friend on this beautiful, warm Saturday afternoon in August, 1956.

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